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Two teenagers swear at their parents and run away from home: jump from the window to the roof of the garage, from there to the lawn, and then - forward, to the long-awaited freedom. The elders do not immediately notice the disappearance, and when they realize - it's too late: until they find the fugitives, something terrible will happen. But suddenly there is still a chance to fix everything? And so the guardians of the house follow in the footsteps of a family tragedy: you can still breathe life into this empty hut.

Now the two of them - the red knitted man Jarni had a blue brother. The guys are connected by a strong thread and always together, even if they are on different sides of the screen. This helps in the journey: while the red hangs on, say, fishing tackle, the blue swings and jumps over a step the size of the Evolution tower. One skates, the other pretends to be a miniature copy of Tony Hawk, to eventually climb the ramp and drag his partner. Jarni and his teammate are tiny, so any obstacle becomes an insurmountable puzzle for them. And most of the game we will do microalpinism.

Company microalpinism - Unravel Two even the name hints at a cooperative. Of course, no one forbids indulging in entertainment in proud solitude and managing the characters in turn, the benefit is always the option to "tie" them together. But with the same success you can play a game with yourself in Dungeons & Dragons or dance in Dance Dance Revolution. In general, a stupid and insanely humiliating occupation.

So we look for the closest relative - and the gamepad in his teeth. It will be annoying to look at an alien unit, but calm down: Unravel Two is one of the few electronic games that can be played with unprepared people. Here the mechanics are extremely unhurried, you only need to turn on your head sometimes and press the buttons rhythmically. Yes, closer to the finale, the sequel for some reason depicts the besieged Super Meat Boy, but it's no problem: no one will stop to take away the controller from the neophyte and heroically pull on the most severe moments. You will then catch admiring glances: "Did you see what I can do?"

Great in small

Or not. Because all the attention will be eaten by the screen. Unravel Two uses familiar instruments: soft dimmed light, a neatly blurred background and, of course, striking detail of the "world underfoot" - life through an expensive lens for macro photography. Where else can you see a maple leaf the size of a house, look at a Rabelaisian pigeon and ride in a toy truck? But the main thing - a random smile of Jarni (and now his friend) can still make your day.

Unravel Two characters are not just soulless idiots. Oh no, inside a pair of knitted socks flows a real character. The guys fool around, grimace and give a friend a penny. Jarni's displeased face as he drags his teammate while he sits freely in the balloon is still the best expression of emotion in video games. In the first part, the protagonist desperately lacked such a partner - it seems that Coldwood Interactive has built a sequel, just so that their ward is no longer bored.

Not to boredom and us - but only to the last third. Then Unravel Two recklessly accelerates, spurring the user with new enemies and mechanics: a quiet family evening turns into a nervous threshing of buttons. It even comes down to the classic "Yes, you can not, come here!" - but then the sequel ends. The final titles start before you get bored. Coldwood stopped literally two or three steps from the cliff: just a little more, and Jarni and his friend fell into the gaping abyss.

Of course, Unravel Two is a rather brazen parasitism on one good idea. Not quite the "crisis of the second album", but rather another visit to the same river. It's a little strange to make such claims on an Electronic Arts product, but with Jarni it's a special case: it's as if it's out of this corporate coordinate system. But the sequel still clings - the main thing is to have two gamepads and a close friend who will share with you this short but touching journey into the world of little woolly people.

Author of the text: Bozhko Ilya

Source: 4pda.ru